More than just sheet music to save you time and simplify your process!

Time management: The biggest challenge in your program!
One survey asked 100 band directors, “What are the greatest challenges you face in your program?” Few music educators would be surprised to learn that time management was the leading response.
Hard to find all the info you need online?
It won't surprise you that unclear and incomplete online sources turned out to be the big culprits. It's often quite a challenge to find the info online you need to determine if the material is suitable for your students. 
Frustrating, isn't it?
Uncertainty and frustrations surface when you can't find what you need especially if percussion is not your specialty. It's annoying to feel unclear about your next step, especially when so many people rely on your musical knowledge and skills.
Been there, done that!
I know what it feels like to be the only music educator, spinning, trying to figure things out all by myself. 
I have been teaching percussion for more than 25 years and have had the opportunity to write music for and work with percussion ensembles all over Europe and the USA. In these years I learned what it takes to get students unstuck and reach new levels of growth and fulfillment.
I’m very grateful that a couple of my percussion ensemble pieces have been published at Row-loff and that some of my pieces have been added to the Texas Prescribed Music List and the Florida Music List recently. 
I'd love to simplify your...
Picking Process
To avoid endless online search marathons I added score play videos to all publications, so you're getting a clear picture of the pieces within a short period of time. 
Purchase Process
To avoid impatient teachers and students we added downloadable parts (PDF), so you can easily archive and start rehearsing immediately. 
Preparation Process
To keep rehearsals from going on forever I added downloadable recordings (MP3) and practice software (All OS) to slow down recordings, be more productive, and keep rehearsals fun and varied.
And if this isn't enough yet...
It's also possible to order a number of optional features with our publications. These optional practice tracks include:
1) Solo tracks (MP3) so that students know exactly how their part is put together.
2) Karaoke tracks (MP3) to completely understand their role in the ensemble.

If this is what you want?
If you are going to work with these useful features you can prepare rehearsals more efficiently, you will have more time left to polish pieces, and your students will face their next concert with confidence. That's why our slogan is: More than just sheet music to save time and simplify your process! 
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